• Winning Hearts and Minds

    Institutional Investors like The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Military are leading by example. New cities are being built because ThyssenKrupp has designed an elevator.. that goes sideways.

  • Energy Efficiency I

    Where will our energy come from? Moving from fossil fuels is a long term commitment. Energy efficiency may well be the answer.

  • Thriving in the Latest Technology Revolution

    Re-building our infrastructure is the technology revolution of the 21st Century. Being a leader in new ideas, technologies, financing and leadership is a key step in being a global competitor. 

  • Getting to Scale: Financing a Resilient Economy

    Getting to scale: what we know is that some solar rooftops and wind farms aren't going to change our energy mix. What is going to give us the lead in the new economy is financing that allows solar, wind, storage, energy efficiency and more to 'get to scale': that is save or produce gigawatts of energy.

  • Transportation: The Beating Heart of Commerce

    Our transportation infrastructure hasn't been seriously upgraded in 50 years. That's a problem for businesses.

  • The Solar Advantage: Cash Flow

    Solar securitization would be a new asset class that benefits current solar owners, and would make solar the darling of large funds with pension obligations. All that is needed is transparency, and that is in progress.

  • Investing in Infrastructure

    Innovation from the private sector, working with existing utilities, is critical to fixing our aging infrastructure.

  • How Much Is That Kilowatt?

    Energy Procurement: Not something that inspires excitement, yet it is a wave in the sea change taking place in corporate executive suites. Saving money on energy is the first step in knowing how to save, what to do next and how to build a long term plan.